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"Shangfluoro", the graphics and the corresponding Chinese Characters are the registered trademarks owned exclusively by Shanghai Qinba Chemical Co., Ltd. “Shangfluor” is the brand name for the fluorine chemical service of Qinba Chemical. Fluorine is the most reactive of the elements and its incorporation in a molecule more often than not imparts interesting, if not dramatic, changes of properties. As such, fluorine-containing molecules have important commercial applications in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and materials. Indeed life would be much more difficult if it were not for fluorine!

Shanghai Qinba Chemical Co., Ltd was founded by a group of fluorine chemists with entrepreneurship in 2011. It is committed to establish a fluorine chemical product platform with a full diversity, meanwhile providing customers with contempory fluorination technical services . Our products are widely used in the manufacture of new materials, pharmaceutical entities and a range of agrochemicals. Its product categories include fluorine-containing small molecules for material applications, fluorinationg reagents, fluorine-containing building blocks, fluorine-containing reagents. Compressed and liquefied fluorine-containing gases are also available for your synthetic purpose. It is thriving to build a complete value chain from raw fluoro-material procurement, to state of the art fluorination technology development, to product manufacture, to product QC and QA, product storege and product apllication.

We sincerely welcome your business opportunity and we endeavour to meet your full satisfaction.
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